Fees, including any co-payment, are due in full at the conclusion of each session, unless we specifically agree to other arrangements. My fees vary depending on services provided. Initial mental health assessments are $280 for a 45-90 minute session. I charge $150 per 50-60 minutes for individual therapy, $175 for family therapy, and $75 for a 60-90 minute group. The no-show fee is the cost of the appointment and is the responsibility of the client.  The no-show fee is often not covered by an insurance plan.

Additional Services

In addition, there may be charges for specialized services such as other assessments, written documents, certain kinds of letters, reports, treatment plans, case management or consultation services and/or telephone calls. I will inform you of these when applicable prior to provision of service whenever possible. There is a $25 fee for any returned checks. Please be advised, services may be interrupted or ended for failure to pay. You have the right to access your file, and there is a fee to cover the expense of 11-25 cents per page should you wish for a copy of any forms.

Insurance Coverage

For those whose fees are being paid by another payer such as a community agency or insurance company, it is your responsibility to be apprised of whether your treatment or other recommended services will be reimbursed. Any unpaid fees are the responsibility of the client. If you have questions about third party billing, or need some assistance, please discuss this with me. Please see the consent form for more information on issues related to third party payment.

I am currently an in network provider for Trillium Behavioral Services. I can be seen as an out of network provider though it is your responsibility to be aware of your insurance coverage and limitations as stated above. I do work with clients to minimize financial barriers to services whenever possible and will attempt to develop a repayment plan that works, or find a clinician who takes your coverage. Please see my informed consent forms for more details.